Recently Published: Suspense and romance in ‘Twilight at Blueberry Barrens’

twilight-at-blueberryBy Edna Snidebottom
Collen Coble opens her novel in a very exciting way with a dead body on a cliff, well, actually two dead bodies. Our heroine Kate Mason discovers the bodies when she and her sister go looking for Atlantic Puffins on Folly Shoals after being told they are nesting there.
Though the two victims are unknown to Kate and her sister Claire, she will soon become very involved with the dead man’s brother Drake Newham and his two nieces.
There is a lot to like about Coble’s writing. She creates believable characters, some of them quite complex like Kate’s uncle Paul. Although he’s a felon, Kate remains loyal to the man who always cared for her as a child. That loyalty will be rewarded at a very tense moment in the story.
My only criticism is that I guessed who Kate’s stalker was from the start. I always like to be surprised (and wrong) when I think I know who the troublemaker is. Luckily this was just one of the two mysteries to be solved.
Since I love the idea of living close to the water, I enjoyed this novel which is a nice blend of romance and suspense set on a small island.
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