Quick! Get Out to See ‘The Quickies’ at Colonial


Jim Hulme and Maddie McCormack from “Epiphany”. Photo by Ron Hill

By Edna Snidebottom
Yes, theatergoers, it’s time for the 17th Annual Colonial Quickies! It’s wonderful to have watched the Colonial Playhouse’s troupe of actors and directors grow over the years and this production is a big part of their growth giving new talent the chance to work with veterans. Besides, the quickies are just plain fun and have become a favorite, certainly for me. This year offers ten chances to be entertained and you are certain to find some favorites.
The show starts with ‘Exceeding The Purchasable Calories’ by Rhea McCallum, one of the evening’s most well-written pieces. Jennifer Wolfe does a fine job of directing Gabby O’Neill, Chelsea Thompson and Jessica McGowan in this funny take on the outside control of a person’s eating habits.
‘Leaving Nic’ by Connie Schindewolf is about the struggle to quit nicotine. Being a former smoker myself, I could really relate to this. Perhaps to show the anxiety of quitting, ErinMarie Friel directs this at a frenetic pace but I would have liked a little less movement from Elizabeth Ellis and Tom Karolyi, who otherwise do a nice job with this.
Directed by Jim Copeland and starring Jennifer Wolfe and Jean Marie Martin, ‘A Clean Dislike’ by Alex Dremann gets a great treatment.
‘Tag’ by Mark Harvey Levine is about that childhood game. Talented ErinMarie Friel along with Benjamin Kerr and Jessica Kohn get the most from this thin premise under excellent direction by Lauren Jones.
‘Clean Routine’ by John C. Davenport and Jaryl Allen Draper is just silly but nice direction by Brandon Young and a strong cast which includes John Lockyer, Jim Copeland and Nancy Reeves leaves the audience laughing into the intermission.
‘Aliens Saved My Marriage’ by Sam Toll features a monologue every comic actress would love to sink their teeth into and Jackie Binder is hysterical in this piece.
‘Wishes’ by Mark Harvey Levine is not only funny but sweet and Benjamin Kerr and Jessica Kohn do a lovely job with direction from Lauren Jones.
Author Rob Carroll (who was in attendance opening night) had to be pleased with ‘2 Bedrooms, 1 Body.’ Under the direction of Jack Kramer, actors Jon Brunke, Arpy Jones and John Devine turn in terrific performances.
One of my favorites of the evening was ‘Epiphany’ by David MacGregor. Wonderfully directed by Kathy Quinn, Jim Hulme and Maddie McCormack turn in stellar performances.
The evening came to a close with ‘Jack Pork’ by Donna Hoke. Directed by Ron Hill, actors Brandon Young, Mike Winterode, Lauren Jones and Jim Copeland turn in fine performances. I have to say I felt the writer missed the chance to let Chrissie really turn the tables on the macho men in this tale.
This is such a fun evening which also includes a chance to win some great raffle baskets so don’t miss the Quickies! They continue June 11, 16, 17, 18, 23 and 24 at the Colonial Playhouse, 522 West Magnolia Avenue in Aldan. For more information, call 610-622-5773 or visit www.colonialplayhouse.net.