M.A.C. gallery introduces Philly’s Dumpster Divers to Delco

One person’s trash….

By Margie Royal

In the office plaza where I work, there is a red dumpster in the parking lot. It has bits of drywall, and what looks scraps of heating duct tubing and a few empty water bottles. Not much worth seeing. But I am sure the Dumpster Divers would see it in from another angle: as pieces of art waiting to be assembled.

Works by the 17-member Philadelphia-based Dumpster Divers are now on view in the Media Arts Council Gallery. The group uses discarded items, things sitting curbside waiting to be hauled away. They collect whatever catches their eye. As you can see from Joe Gorman's terrific photos, there's quite a range of styles in the artwork, reflecting the artist's style, taste and personality. The works are engaging, colorful, decorative and sometimes very thought-provoking.

"One person's trash, becomes another's treasure"...

The MAC show, which opened Aug. 13, 2016, and will remain on view through the end of the month, features the work of Dumpster Divers Betsy Alexander, Joel Spivak, Diane Keller, Joanne Hoffman, Dan Enright, John Jonik, Charna Eisner, Jim Ulrich, Sally Willowbee, Sara Benowitz, Kim Alsbrooks, Ellen Benson, Carol Cole, Susan Richards, Eva Preston, Ann Keech, Alden Cole and Taji Nahl.

M.A.C. holds gallery openings on the second Saturday of every month where you can see not only new artwork, but meet and talk with the artists.

Media Arts Center & Gallery is at 609-B W. State Street, Media. Gallery hours are 4 p.m.-7 p.m.

All photos by Joe Gorman