Review: Family, mistakes, forgiveness in The Dramateur’s beautiful production of ‘The Children of Eden’

The Dramateurs, Inc

A scene from “The Children of Eden” presented by The Dramateurs, Inc at the Barn Playhouse. Photo by Gabrielle Cherelli

By Rachel Kelly

“The Children Of Eden,” directed by Paul Recupero, music director Barbara Newberry, with choreography by Meghan Chamber, is a beautiful show about family, mistakes, and forgiveness.
“The Children of Eden” is a retelling of the biblical stories of Adam and Eve and Noah’s Ark. The voices of the cast sounded great together, especially in the songs, Children of Eden and In the Beginning. The story is told predominately through song with very little dialogue.
The show’s composer is Stephen Schwartz, who is famous for Wicked, Godspell and Pippen.
Adam (Steve Cassasco and) Eve (Zoe Muller) had amazing chemistry. Eve’s defiance of Father was exciting and fun to watch. The character arc of Father, well played by Tom Lamphere, was dynamic.
The sons, Cain (Brandon Lee) and Abel (Chris Diaz) worked well together. They seemed like a real family unit.  Yona (Molly Hofstaedter) had a beautiful voice, and amazing stage presence. She worked well Brandon Lee as Japheth.
Return of the animals was a beautiful dance, and fun to watch. The storytellers did a great job with showing the characteristics of their animals. The two kids as bunnies were adorable.
The costumes, designed by Molly Connell, were bright and cheerful. I loved Eve’s first dress, and Yona’s costume as well. The way her headscarf moved was pretty.
The scenery was colorful, the backdrop of the sunset was beautiful to look at. That ark set was nicely done as well. It’s the work of set designer Steve DiNenno and scenic artist Jim Fairburn, nicely lit by lighting designer Steve DiNenno.
“The Children of Eden” is being presented by the Dramateurs, Inc. at the Barn Playhouse. The show is playing June, 23, 25, 30 and July 1. The Barn Playhouse is located at the corner of Rittenhouse Boulevard and Christopher Street, off Ridge Pike three miles west of Norristown. For tickets or directions, visit


Tom Lamphere as Father
Steve Carrasco as Adam/Noah
Zoe Muller as Eve/Mama Noah
Brandon Lee as Cain/Japheth
Chris Diaz as Abel/Ham
Brandon Commo as Seth/Shem
Molly Hofstaedter as Yonah
Maddi Sloan as Aphra
Laura Mancano as Aysha
Jake Taylor as Young Cain
Brayden Avery as Young Abel
Kathleen Carney, Megan Murphy, Justin Schindler, Maddi Sloan, Richard Steinhardt
Kathleen Carney, Brandon Commo, Chris Diaz, Bess Harbison, Molly Hofstaedter, Brandon Lee, Laura Mancano, Megan Murphy, Brittany Recupero, Justin Schindler, Maddi Sloan, Richard Steinhardt, Mary Tomcavage, Jon Zahradnik