Congratulations to ‘Belle of the Ball’ Penelope Reed

Penelope Reed

By Betty Lou Roselle
Hedgerow Theatre Company, America’s oldest professional resident theater company, is celebrating its 95th Anniversary with a benefit on March 23 honoring actress Penelope Reed for her lifetime of work. She’s not only the 2017 Barrymore Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient, but also its Artistic Director Emeritus.
I’ve had the pleasure of acting with and being directed by Penelope Reed over my years with the Hedgerow Theatre in Rose Valley. I will always be very grateful for the opportunities that she and her mother Janet Kelsey gave me to act, direct, and even teach.
Pen directed the last show I was in at Hedgerow called ‘Deathtrap’ and because of her generous work with me and the character of Helga ten Dorp, it’s a very fond memory indeed. She and her assistant Ellen Wilson Dilks helped me find so many colors for this crazy gal that I hated to let her go at the end of our run.
Now I often think of Penny when I am called on as Edna Snidebottom to review shows because of how she excelled at pacing a production to keep it moving and interesting for her audience.
Thank you Penny and congratulations to our Belle of the Ball!