Recently Published: Off track ‘Murder on the Sconset Express’

By Edna SnidebottomBookSconset

Hunter Laroche’s new book ‘Murder on the Sconset Express,’ A Nantucket Mystery series, is more a love story with the island of Nantucket than a murder mystery.

Being an avid mystery and suspense junkie, I knew I was in trouble when the first chapter ended with a recipe. It wasn’t until I was on page 126 of this 172 page novel that the murder plot started to develop.

A man overhears two men setting up a business meeting where a large sum of cash will be exchanged. The man then sets up a meeting with a partner in crime. Where? In a bar, where they are overheard planning the crime. How plausible is that?

At the end of the story, one of the characters writes a screenplay about the murder called ‘Life on an Island,’ which would have been a better title for Laroche’s novel.

He obviously has a love for Nantucket and its inhabitants and this is where his passion lies. I’d like to see him concentrate on several characters, really flesh them out and tell us about their journey to Nantucket and their life on the island.

That way, if murder is thrown in, it would be a nice surprise for his readers.

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