Review: Arthur Miller’s ‘All My Sons’ gets an excellent treatment at Colonial Playhouse

By Edna Snidebottom

Colonial Playhouse is currently offering Arthur Miller’s powerful drama ‘All My Sons’ through Oct. 7. I have seen this play at least 4 times, the last time on Broadway with John Lithgow playing the role of Joe Keller. This story about greed in a battle with our better selves never gets old and Colonial’s production is the best I’ve seen off Broadway. I will get my one criticism out of the way, and that is the lighting which I found very distracting. I would suggest that with a cast this good and a script this well-written, a complicated light plot is unnecessary.
Aside from that, director Maurizio Giammarco does an excellent job with this production. Lou Wheeler, who I knew would be great in the role of Joe Keller, even surpassed my expectations (his gesture towards his wife Kate near the end of the play was perfect).
Loretta Lucy Miller is wonderful as Kate Keller, showing the strength along with the vulnerability of this woman.

The talented cast of All My Sons includes from left: Stephen Kelly (Jim Bayliss), Loretta Lucy Miller (Kate Keller) and Lou Wheeler (Joe Keller),

Sandra Lawler as Ann Deever is her equal. Ann knows what she wants and will not give up on it without a fight. The chemistry between her and Kevin Towell as Chris Keller was a delight to watch. Towell made the speech about Chris’ time in the war and the love he had for his fellow soldiers so passionately, it was like hearing it for the first time.
Charles Hoffman does a nice job as George Deever, a man who realizes too late that his father was not the villain he had thought. Stephen Kelly as Jim Bayliss shows us a man who longs for the idealism of his youth but has accepted his life as it is. Catherine Fallon (Sue Bayliss) clearly shows us the insecurity of a woman who knows her husband is with her because of duty and not love.
Ally Batot is lovely as Lydia Lubey and Benjamin Kerr is properly clueless as her husband Frank. Daniel Michael Boyd in his first stage performance was a charmer as Bert.
You don’t want to miss this extremely well-done production. ‘All My Sons’ continues Sept. 29, 30, Oct. 1, 2, 6 and 7. For more information, call 610-622-5773 or visit The playhouse is at 522 West Magnolia Avenue, Aldan, PA.