‘The Revolutionists’ at Theatre Horizon

Four women–an assassin, a spy, a writer, and Marie Antoinette–hang out, plot murder, and try to beat back extremist insanity in Paris.  In Lauren Gunderson’s “The Revolutionists”, these women act in the face of injustice, give their lives to protect freedom and equality, and stand up for what they believe in…all while being hilarious in the face of challenging, fractured political times. Armed with sharp wit and even sharper knives, this comedy of liberté, égalité, and sororité considers how we actually go about changing the world.  Theatre Horizon proudly presents this work by the most produced living playwright in 2016 during their season of #WomenWhoDare.  The production runs February 1 through February 25, 2018.

Directed by Horizon’s Guest Artistic Director K.C. MacMillan, the production features a winning, all-female cast, including Barrymore winner Charlotte Northeast (Azuka, Lantern, Philadelphia Artists Collective) as Olympe, Barrymore winner Jaylene Clark Owens (Horizon’s WHITE, Wilma, Orbiter 3) as Marianne, Claire Inie-Richards (People’s Light, Lantern) as Charlotte, and Jessica Bedford (Horizon’s WHITE, Off-Broadway’s White Guy on the Bus) as Marie Antoinette.

“The Revolutionists” fits perfectly into Theatre Horizon’s season of #WomenWhoDare because it is a piece that asserts the bravery and agency of women to be a political and social force, for their own inalienable rights, as well as for the greater good.  The play presents women who don’t behave according to the restrictions of their day and don’t care if they are well liked: they care that they are brave.  The Revolutionists takes place in history but uses uniquely modern language and point of view.  In doing so, Gunderson’s seriously funny and very relevant work asserts that women of all races are still subjugated in some of the ways they were 300 years ago.  In addition, the play offers an image of art makers that is self-critical, incisive, and demanding that artists be better, braver, and bolder in addressing political and social injustice.

Preview performances (2/1/18-2/6/18) are $25; all other performances are $35.  Theatre Horizon offers Norristown residents free tickets for all performances (pending availability).  Tickets can be purchased by visiting theatrehorizon.org, or by calling 610-283-2230.

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