A Conversation With Dr. Daniel M. Peters, Senior Pastor of Limerick Chapel

By Steven Brodsky

Pastor Peters is a gifted Bible teacher.  People discover that about him at Limerick Chapel and through listening to his teachings on radio and on the Limerick Chapel website.  Pastor Peters is author of the book ‘SIXTEEN COUNSELING SESSIONS with the WONDERFUL COUNSELOR: God’s personal counsel to individuals as recorded in the Bible.’

When did you decide that you wanted to be a pastor?

I didn’t want to be a pastor because I saw what my father went through as a pastor.  Board meetings late at night, visiting old ladies and sick people didn’t interest me as a young man.  Preaching and singing like Billy Graham and Bev Shea looked a lot more interesting.  It was not until I was in college that the Lord showed me the joy of sharing truth through relationships.

What went into that decision?

I taught at a Children’s Bible Club in North Philadelphia for a year and that opened my heart to loving people and teaching them how to know the Lord.  Later, when a small storefront church in Kensington needed a pastor, I accepted and served that congregation and community for three years while living in North Philadelphia.  My wife, Diane, served with me at that church as well.

As a son of a pastor, did you ever go through a rebellious “preacher’s kid” (“PK”) stage?

I never openly rebelled since I had observed my older brother try that and I saw that it didn’t work.  But I had my battles with selfish desires.

How did this get resolved?

I surrendered my life to the Lord at age 16 at a youth rally.

To what extent did growing up in a parsonage give you faith by osmosis? 

My parents were genuine Christians who loved God and loved others.  They loved me and showed me how to live for others.

If you had not become a pastor, what other path might you have taken? 

My selfish desire was to race motorcycles for a living.

What bolsters your faith?

Reading the Bible and learning from the record of God’s miraculous works in the past and observing God’s miraculous work in changing people’s lives today.

If there have been challenges to your faith that you are comfortable talking about, please do so.

The death of our son, Nathan, at age 7 was the hardest thing we have gone through.  He was run over by a bus while riding his bicycle.

Over the course of a generation, many traditional Christian values have become countercultural to a large number of Americans.  Did you see this coming?

Yes, and I thought it would have become much more difficult by now.

How does the shift in their values affect you and Limerick Chapel?

People are more sophisticated in their unbelief and rejection of Christian values.

With regards to Philippians 4:8, what good things do you tend to think about?

I tend to think about how blessed I am to know that God is watching over me and mine and that we are going to Heaven when we die.

Please tell us about your book SIXTEEN COUNSELING SESSIONS with the Wonderful Counselor: God’s personal counsel to individuals as recorded in the Bible.

I wrote the book to encourage people to look to the God of the Bible for answers to perplexing questions.

Where and when can people hear your teachings on the radio? 

WPAZ 1370 AM and WEVW 103.5 FM at 8 AM and 5:30 PM seven days a week. Also on WBYN 107.5 FM at 8:00 PM, Sunday  Friday.

What does Limerick Chapel provide to people?

Godly traditional worship, encouraging Bible teaching and loving family fellowship.

Tell us about the Men’s Motorcyle Ministry and the archery program.

Motorcycle Men ride one Saturday a month for lunch and friendship. Centershot Archery is for parents and children together and is a free outreach program for the  community.

What blessings do you most enjoy in your life? 

I am blessed with a wonderful wife, six loving children and 13 amazing grandchildren.  I enjoy good health and riding my R1200RT BMW motorcycle.

What are two of your favorite hymns?

I love to sing “Blessed Assurance” and “Amazing Grace.”

Limerick Chapel is located in Limerick, PA.  The website is: www.limerickchapel.org.

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