Court Room thriller, ‘Last Resort,’ now available

The Kindle version of “Last Resort”  by James Waltzer, is now available.

When a dynamic young attorney renounces his wealthy family and his father’s lucrative law practice, there has to be an explanation. As there must be when a débutante is found murdered in abject circumstances. The lawyer in question, Evan “Turley” Turlinger, tries to solve both riddles as he defends the accused in a sensational murder trial.

Mr. Waltzer answered the following questions about his latest novel.Last Resort by [Waltzer, James]
What inspired this book? 

Christopher “Chippy” Patterson, a criminal defense lawyer during the first third of the 20th century, was born a Philadelphia blue blood but broke from his family to live in squalor and defend the dregs of society. He is the model for the lead character in Last Resort, though the story is contemporary.

How long did you take to write it?

About a year. 

What do you hope readers will enjoy most about this book?

The clash of characters and the twists in the story. 

Is it available only for online reading or can people order a paperback version?

It has been released solely in e-book format — the norm for this publisher — but it could find its way to paperback someday if sales justify.

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